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? How does one turn off Steinberg UR-RT4 Direct Monitoring?
            Hello Forum Members!

Do any of you use a Steinberg UR-RT4 interface with JamKazam?  If so, how do you make sure that Direct Monitoring is turned off?

While in session I have the following problem...the audio becomes static (buzzy) then my signal is seemingly to me pushed in front of or behind (either way out of time) against the person I am Jamming with.  While persisting and playing through this (which is not pleasurable) at times the problem goes away by the end of the song.  At other times it persists until a second after we stop playing, then it clears up.

I don't know if direct monitoring is causing this or not but want to eliminate direct monitoring as a possible root cause.

For others not familiar with this interface, it does not have a physical switch for direct monitoring on/off.  The instruction manual does not mention the words direct monitoring with the exception of using it with Cubase.  In Cubase>Studio Setup there is a soft switch to turn direct monitoring on or off.

What controls the interface with other DAWs (and JamKazam) is a software mixer interface called: dspMixFx UR-RT (Screen Shots of current set-up above) and this software does not have a soft switch for direct monitor control.

In JamKazam Audio Devices I run the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO Driver sample rate at 96KHz, and the minimum buffer size available at 64 samples in low latency mode.

Moreover...I run a new HP tower, Windows 10 20H2 (home) with 32GB RAM + 32GB Optane memory, Gen9 i7 9700. And connect over Ethernet.

In session with the UR-RT4 I run an XLR mic on Ch1. and run a Boss ME-80 into Ch.3 & Ch.4 (Line in).

I appreciate your feeedback.


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