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VST vs multi effects pedal

Apologies if this is a naive question but completely new to this technology.

I have just recently purchase a focusrite 2i2 and started using jamkazam, I have had a couple of sessions with my guitar just direct into the focusrite and it was ok, but tonight I wanted to play with a bit of overdrive so decided to use my line 6firehawk fx, I thought it sounded ok at my end.

So my question is what are the pros and cons of multi effects VST plug ins, such as guitar rig 5 versus a multi effects unit 

To supplement above response

Downsides of VST plugins
- more load on your jamkazam computer CPU
- more prone to latency, drop outs etc
- have to learn a new tool

Upsides of using your multi effect pedal
- you're using a pedal that you also live gig/practice/jam with, and are presumably more familiar with the UI and the Sounds
- latency on the multi-effect pedal is essentially non-existent/very low and most likely more consistent than latency you would experience on a multi process CPU

I run a helix LT direct into my Audio Interface and I'm very happy with it. I've tried for example using VST Reverb plugin via Reaper/ReaAudio and I've not been happy with it.

Upsides of VST
Maybe you could get an effect not on the firehawk?
Chris T
For some things I use VST's (ex: amp/cab simulation, or equalization) but more often I prefer pedals, which I'm already used to playing with. And I can easily punch out when using pedals, which is not feasible with a VST, unless you use a MIDI foot controller or such.
I think a hardware unit is a little more straightforward. You just plug in, dial in your sound in the unit, and go USB to your computer. It is better for live playing as it is designed for it. Other than Fractal, most hardware units are pretty stagnant, meaning the company releases them and supports it for a short while with updates and bug fixes before moving on. At some point the HD500x was the biggest and brightest from Line 6 and at another point it will be ancient history. Now we are getting to a place where modelers simply sound good, and if it sounds good it will age indefinitely. shareit apk vidmate app

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