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Terrible issues since Oct 27 update
(11-04-2020, 01:42 AM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 01:26 AM)lconway Wrote: I am in two groups that have used JK for several months. We like all have had intermittent issues, but these have generally been declining. However, I have had one session with each of the groups (totalling 7 members) since the Oct 27 update, and it has been the worst experience for some time. One member in particular gets repeatedly dropped from the session (last night even more consistently, could not get through a song without losing the drummer). In addition, individual members suddenly cannot hear other members but can be heard themselves, and can hear some but not all of the members. This has happened throughout the sessions with both groups since Oct 29.

Is this a problem with the update? Or are there refinements of settings that need to be changed with this update? Suggestions? We have been highly impressed overall, but these were terribly deflating episodes.   Huh
Thanks Dimitri,

We really had not felt this until the last week and it was so much worse and like a gut-punch after generally improvement in our experience. Of course, we have had lots of rainy crummy weather which had play havoc with internet, and we figured that was the problem. But then, it all just blew up. We are in southern Maryland USA.
If you search this forum on the matter, follow the facebook group and speak with other jammers, you'll find you're not alone in this. It is yet to be resolved. I can not pinpoint the actual (up-)date but things have gradually been getting worse the last month or so.
Even with just a 4piece, rehearsing has been impossible over the last two weeks. No matter the day of the week nor the time of day.

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