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Ticking and clicking
(10-29-2020, 07:16 PM)badiyazdi@gmail.com Wrote: Dear Jamkazam technical group or anyone who knows the solution

A few friends of mine and I recently signed up with Jamkazam and we are very existed to be able to record songs during this pandemic where we have restriction for getting together practicing songs. unfortunately we are having difficulties with sound. 
it appears no matter how much we play around with sound setting and configurations we still hear "ticking and clicking".
We tested all of our equipments and cables and mics, none seem to have any bad connections. we test the sound using the same equipment with using other application we sound perfectly ok but when we use Jamkazam, we here ticking and clicking like there is a bad connections.
Would you please let us know how we can resolve the issue with the sound?
best regards,

My vocal quartet is having the same issue with ticks and clicks. We are using Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd gen) interfaces. We've been at this for months now, and haven't gotten any useful help from the developers. The clicks are annoying, but at least we're grateful to be able to rehearse!

You should probably specify what audio interface(s) your group is using.


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