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Backup & Restore Interface-Specific Configs
I’m currently using an Alesis Multimix 4 USB mixer as my Audio Interface. I was getting a consistent 16.3 ms latency in JamKazam up until a friend let me borrow a FocusRite Solo. I did Plug-n-Pay with the FocusRite and JamKazam allowed me to select (Scarlett Solo USB) using WDM and achieved 4.0ms latency. Loopback test(s) for the FocusRite showed median Latency Distribution to vary from 184.95 - 374.54ms. This seemed kind of strange when Loopback Test(s) for the Alesis showed median Latency Distribution ranged from 9.35 - 10.2935ms. After returning the FocusRite, I had issues reconfiguring for the Alesis Multimix 4. Initially, latency was higher at 21.3ms than my previous config. But, after tweaking and playing with various settings, I got a Latency of 6.3ms using ASIO. Loopback Test(s) now show Median Latency Distribution to be 8.98655 +/- 1.2996ms.

I can live with that for the time being. But, as I audition other audio interfaces seeking better performance, I would like to save configuration(s) that seem to work ok for specific pieces of gear like the Alesis Multimix 4 and FocusRite Solo with my particular Windows 10 setup.

JamKazam doesn’t appear to have a feature for Export & Import/Restore of Settings.
The only method I see, thus far, is backing up the following .ini files, found in directory C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\JamKazam, to a .zip file and giving it an appropriate filename+date.


Does anyone else have a solution for backing up & recalling interface-specific configurations for Jamkazam?
OK. Perhaps the In-App Options to Save, Activate, & DeActivate configurations negates, to some extent, the need to BackUp & Restore Interface-Specific Configurations. 

Time will tell.

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