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Microphone Setups for Acoustic Piano
I am interested in what pianists are using to mike their acoustic pianos for on-line playing with others. It seems that requirements are somewhat different than for recording. One wants isolation between pianist and instrument to best follow "rule #1" and not hear the piano too much directly. I have been using a large diaphragm condenser underneath my Yamaha C7 with the lid closed. I play using noise cancelling, tight fitting headphones. I'm not very satisfied with the results which tend to to be to "clangy" and don't at all capture the warmth and tight bass of the acoustic sound of the instrument. I have much better luck going direct with my keyboard, but the fundamental sound is so much less interesting and nuanced.

I have a pretty good quality USB 2 connected audio interface (Komplete Audio 6) driven from a small mixer. This is really a question about microphone technique, not one about audio interfaces or computers or latenies.

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