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Behringer Driver and JamKazzam APP Problesm
(10-07-2020, 09:44 PM)melionone Wrote: Driver Issues...After purchasing a UMC202HD I downloaded the drivers from Behringer and went thru the steps to install the drivers on Win 10 PC.  I then went into JamKazam clicked on the manage option(top left corner)
I then got these messages...

#1 Did not detect the new Behringer UMC 202  ( I plugged in the unit then I got this)
#2 Windows cannot find program C:/Program Files(x86)JamKazam/UMC/UMC_DriverSetup.exe

Can anyone offer some help? I have spent way too much money on gear and time to make this JamKazamwork...and now I am stalled.

On the right side of the program window is a white arrow next to your name. Hover your mouse pointer over this and click on Audio Gear. Click ADD NEW GEAR and take it from there. Choose (Behringer)ASIO for in & out.

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