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Video is shown as a white rectange on "the other side"
Together with a friend I tried to get video up and running in our JamKazam setup.

My side:
Smart phone with DroidCam Software as a camera and internal camera of my laptop (we tested both, but same result).

On my friend's side:
Internal camera of his laptop

If we switch on video in our session, on our side we both do see the video of our own camera without any problem. However, instead of the video of the "other side" we both do only see a plain white rectangle.

If one of us or both switch off the own camera the white rectangle disappears on the other side, and if we switch on the camera again the white rectangle shows up again on the other side. So, obviously there goes some video signal to the counterpart, but just a white screen without any content.

We actually tested all kinds of resolutions for the stream without any positive effect.

Any idea how to fix that problem and get an actual video of the other side displayed?

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