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M-Audio Projectmix interface setup??
I'm brand new to this forum and to Jamkazam.  I'd like to use my Windows 7 PC with Jamkazam. I have an M-Audio Projectmix I/O DAW that I use with my iMac. It has Logic 8 loaded as recording software. I switched the DAW over to my PC for Jamkazam because I can't go online with my old iMac (Leopard). It's too old and Apple won't update it.
 Will the M-Audio DAW work as an interface for my mic and guitar with the Windows 7 desktop? I've firewired it to the PC. I've downloaded the newest drivers (2012) and downloaded the M-Audio FW Control panel. It opens on the PC, but I don't know how to get it to link with the Jamkazam app that I also downloaded. There's no recording software on the PC-just a soundcard and the Jamkazam app. Anyone out there know how to get this working? I'm looking for a buddy or 2 who's familiar with the Projectmix DAW and Jamkazam to help me get going on Jamkazam.
Thanks, Rick
Hi Rick, and welcome,
Based on a scan of the "List of Audio Interfaces", I dont see ProjectMix listed. Some M-Audio Firewire interfaces are listed, but I would say overall you may be in for a tough road going with a firewire interface, particularly one that's about 14 years old, as the drivers are likely at least 10 years old, and therefore certainly not Windows 10 drivers, and likely not 64-bit Windows drivers, which is a requirement of JamKazam. I recommend you download something like Reaper, a free-to-try DAW, and see if you can get it to recognize the ProjectMix. Reaper is pretty well established and has been around since the ProjectMix days, so if it can see it and it works for recording, then you will know if it's at least an interface that JamKazam should be able to make use of. From there you can then attempt to configure the audio hardware (ProjectMix) in JamKazam, walking thru the setup. I believe that while firewire was superior to USB 1 and even early USB 2 interfaces back in the day, that is not longer the case, and almost none are still in production (maybe Behringer's line is still available, but it's 5+ years old now). Hope this helps

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