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Line 6 HD500X on MacBook Pro
I did a quick forum search on the Line 6 HD500X and found very little info, so I'll ask my question here.

I'm new to JK and just working on setting it up.  I'd like to use my Line 6 HD500X as my audio interface through my MacBook Pro (Catalina 10.15.6).  I am all green when I join a session except for latency, which is yellow no matter what I change. I am connected via an ethernet cable directly to my extender.  I have tinkered with some settings and the best results I have so far are shown below, all at 24 bit.  The best latency I have achieved so far is 11.3ms using 44.1hz with a 1ms frame size:

FORMAT(hz) Frame Size (ms) Latency (ms)
44.1                1                          11.3
48.0                1                          11.8
88.2                1                          11.4
96.0                1                          11.5

44.1                2                          13.3
48.0                2                          13.8
88.2                2                          13.4
96.0                2                          13.5

Line 6 tech support suggested changing to 16 bit, but being somewhat new the the Mac I can't see where to change that.

Has anyone been successful in setting up the HD500X and if so what settings are you using?  Is this a futile effort, and I should just get one of the interface units that seem to work with low latency?

Thanks in advance!


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