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Jamkazam disconnects frequently.
I agree, and regardless on everything else working JK requires special attention. I"m only sorry I'm not well versed on the Windows side. I can start coming up with theories like, is there a process running that is interrupting the outbound JK session, or was port forwarding setup but not configured correctly? Firewall settings?
Ok, I think I got it now, I had to alter my power settings.
Ahh.. right.. hopefully that's it. I've seen that mentioned here on the Forums, how the default Windows power settings can interfere.
After a week of resolving some issues at my end, I got back on today only to have the server disconnect again and never reconnect whether I clicked reconnect now or not.   I logged a problem for JK support.  I will see what happens.  I'm getting really frustrated with this.
Thanks.... i know I got the disconnect server error twice this week, and when it tried reconnecting, it could not. I just closed and reopened the application.
Closing and reopening the app has the same results for me - disconnect and no restart.
I had my internet connection up dated a few days ago and JK has been working without a hitch..
Hal, good news for sure. However, since you implied it was working previously without a hitch until your problems started; when you had your internet connection updated, did you get new hardware with it too? I think for the sake of the post and others reviewing it, it would be helpful for you to include specific information/observations you think was the problem, in addition to stating the updated internet connection.
That is still mystery. I did have a good connection when I first joined JK, and I only had the laptop and using inbuilt mic. Then I updated my computer and added an audio interface. It's all a bit hazy now, at some point I didn't login to JK for quit awhile, but when I decided to try JK again I was getting the connection problems, I would stay connected for only a few minutes then I got the disconnection notice every time. The adjustments to the computer power seemed to work but not for long. I've had the new internet connection which is called NBN for four days now and I've been on JK every day since without any problem with disconnection. keeping my finger crossed.
Thanks Hal. I think your reply is still helpful. It serves as reality check. Hopefully the problem does not resurface.

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