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What internet speed up/down do I really need?
(08-21-2020, 02:52 PM)MIL8 Wrote: Thanks for the reply.

Just as an update I talked with one of the two guys that has fiber since I made the post, he has 100Mbps down, 97Mbps up so I think the two guys with Fiber are good.

The two of us that have the slowest connections are in the same town, probably about 5 miles from each other, then the two guys that have fiber are father, one about 10 miles, the other about 20 miles.

I've also started a thread in another section about interfaces, I have one now and the other 3 are going to need to buy them.
Yes - commented on that post too ....

It’s worth trying out with what you have - and working out what you need.  You may get away with it as long as nobody else is streaming Netflix, playing Fortnite or trying to hack NASA* on your connection. (*Other governments / agencies are available).  Good luck

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