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Gain Staging Indicator
Studio Gain Staging

Would be nice if you could see an level /db indicator when setting up your instrument.
there should be separate indicator for each of these tracks.
Maybe next to the volume meter of JK like a little arrow or an highlighted area underneath the slider.

Not every instrument has to be near 0dB. thats more of a live thing.

but because we play mostly on headphones we need to have studio gain staging

Gain Settings

Drums should be around -6dB to -3dB.

Bass around -18dB.

Guitars/keys/etc. around -24dB to -18dB.

And vocals around -12dB.

This would be a solid foundation for a mix.

we just need to lower the gain on non drumtracks and up the level on the interface

Greetings Heart Heart
Personally speaking, it's been a trial & error process for me since there is no help documentation. With that said, on Mylive tracks, there are 2 RED leds. In the session Other LiveTracks there is 1 RED indicator. I have discovered it's important to make sure my input is pu$ng me into the first Red for a good signal. After that, I depend on the Audio Console where each Track you setup is configurable for Compression, Makeup Gain, Mute, etc. This is has been especially helpful to me when my own input is strong, but everyone else is louder them me.

I have noticed for a majority of players I've been in sessions with, many have weak signals. They are much happier when I share the tip to get in the Red. The session is more balanced and clear. Some players are solid Red and clip constantly. Regardless of one's own expertise and so called db measurements, it comes down to understanding the controls available, and what sounds good vs what looks good on the db scale.

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