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Bias Fx, Amp 2...detected but not working
Hello guys,
I'm having some trouble setting up my vst's..
When I load Bias FX2 Jamkazam crashes

When I load Bias Amp 2, it doesn't work... I mean, I can hear my direct signal input but it is not being processed by bias amp2..

I don't know if it may have something to do with my audio routing, but actually in earler versions of jamkazam I was able to use at least bias amp

here's my audio routing
guitar->mic preamp (Neve 1073) -> RME ad/da converter ->optical out->focusrite saffire pro 24 optical IN -> Macbook pro through Firewire port

Now, as I said I can hear my direct signal, so I suppose that the audio device is set correctly...

any advice is really appreciated
Hi. I’m having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks
32 bit only. I have 64 for the DAW, 32 for on-line. Uses the stand alone app.
It's Wallybeav. Mad Cow loss of conscience dropped the 'y'.
Hello...Mojave here and NONE of the independent Bias applications get sound from any stable card source here (BFX BA2 BA1 BP).
Been utilizing iOS just of late and just completed the Mojave update several days prior and didn't check the independent capacity - unimaginable this has not been raised sooner and tended to.

order pcb

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