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Configure Tracks page bug
I believe I've found a bug when on the Configure Tracks page.

When I click on the tab for Voice Chat and then return to Inputs & Outputs, the I&Os are blank.  My chosen items are gone.

What is worse is that I cannot cancel out.  When I restart JK it brings be back to the same page, with the error saying "Unable to Save Chat Assignments.  You must have at least one music channel selected."

Meanwhile when I try to Add Audio Track, it gives an error saying "No more unassigned input ports.  You can free some up by editing an audio track."

All I can do is X out of JK.

See attachment of my Configure Tracks screenshot.

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I've hit a very similar problem

All was going well, I'd set up my audio configuration and was nicely trying a Solo Session and checking out my latency etc...when I wanted to alter the audio settings. I closed down the session went to My Account and opened up Audio Settings. I'm now in the 'configure tracks' window and I'm stuck.

When I press SAVE SETTINGS or CANCEL it says: 'Unable to save chat assignments. You must have at least one music input channel selected' but when I go to the Voice Chat tab it won't allow me to select any of the options.

Anytime I select the Voice Chat tab and then go back to the Input and Outputs tab, the Session Audio Inputs and the Session Audio Output have all disappeared.

If I try to add the track back in again I can select Input 1 but it won't allow me to select an instrument so when press ADD TRACK it says 'Please Select an instrument' so I can only press CANCEL

However, if I select UPDATE OUTPUTS the two outputs are nicely pre-selected and when I press UPDATE PORTS, it brings up my Scarlett 2i2 Device Settings and magically not only have the output ports reappeared but also the AUDIO (Input 1) input track.

But still, when I press SAVE SETTINGS or CANCEL it says: 'Unable to save chat assignments. . . .' so I'm stuck.

Now I haven't worked in IT for several decades not to know that if in doubt the thing to do it shut the application down and start it up again, but when I do this it starts up in exactly the same place I left it. So I'm stuck. Agh!!!

Any ideas anyone?

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