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Unable to Broadcast from Windows 7 or 10
Brand new PC with Windows 10. Can join sessions no problem but if I try to broadcast using any of the options I get 3 messages First Video cannot be sent to stream, then similar message for audio then Stream shuts down.

I have access to a Mac which works fine so it doesn't appear to be a networking issue. I've compared settings and they both appear to be the same.

Ive also tried on an old windows 7 machine and the same problem, unable to broadcast.. 

Anyone able to be a broadcaster successfully on a windows machine? any tips or thoughts as to what's wrong?
OK I've just solved this for myself... the problem was that I was being sent the facebook livestream key via the Notifications panel on JK. I was then pasting this into the Live Broadcast streamkey field and it was failing. What I found is that for some reason, the streamkey in notifications message was adding amp; after every & symbol.. e.g. bl=1&s_ps=1&s_ so I removed the amp; after every & and the stream worked.

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