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Live Stream Shutdown BT Smart Hub 2
Hi, newish user here. I have a new laptop and have loaded JK and can start it up, audio interface working OK and I can join sessions and hear users OK.

When I try to broadcast, either as a broadcaster (for my mates who have a band) or if I select Performer and Broadcaster, when I click Staet Broadcast it starts and within a few seconds I get an error saying Live Stream Stutdown. 

I have checked my router (BT Smart Hub 2) and I have also set up UDP for ports 12000 to 12010 and configured that in JK too.

I've tried a restart, I've reloaded JK and the problem persists.

Now, to add a bit to the mix, I borrowed a Mac whilst I was waiting for my new laptop arrive and I was able to broadcast with that no problem however that too is now experiencing this same problem.  Interestingly as I type this I just checked firmware update on my hub and it was yesterday..

does anyone have any thoughts/ideas?

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