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How to set default Buffer size with Scarlett 2i2
(11-26-2020, 05:31 AM)rjgraphicdesign@juno.com Wrote: I have the exact same issue, EXCEPT it ALWAYS defaults to *880* or higher. 

I'm not using a DAW at all. I primarily bought my Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) so I could do JK. It's been almost a year that I've been trying periodically. I've never gotten green lights across the board. I have a JK profile set up, but I can't do anything with it.

I've been experimenting with this recently (Focusrite Scarlett Solo, 4i4, 18i8), and I've been able to get a device latency of 2.9 ms in JK for all 3 of them on different Windows 10 computers and laptops.

The trick I've come up with by a lot of trial and error is to use a DAW to "lock in" the device settings (Sample Rate of 96000 and Buffer Size of 16) before going into JK. If you add your device in JK with these settings locked, you're in green first try. If your device is already in JK, then just resync and you're green.

I've only been able to get this to work with the Ableton Lite DAW. Sometimes Ableton won't stick the buffer at 16 so I need to use the Reaper DAW to lock it for Ableton, then Ableton will keep it locked for JK (Reaper won't lock it for JK).

The following steps work every time for me to have a latency of 2.9 ms in JK:

1. Open Reaper
2. Open Ableton Lite
3. Close Reaper
4. Open JK

Ableton needs to be open when you go into JK or else you'll end up with the scenario in the original post where your buffer size gets changed to *nnn*.

Hope this helps...I've seen it work for others with their Focusrite Scarlett (3rd Gen).

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