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How to set default Buffer size with Scarlett 2i2
Hello. You are probably doing this already, but if the device is working but I want to reduce latency, I open up a solo session. On the left side of the gray bar along the top is a button labeled "Manage". Click on "Manage and  select "Audio Settings".From there, select "Open ASIO Panel". From there you should select your Sample Rate and Buffer Size.  Click on "x" to close out of the box.
    Another thing I like to do that has helped me is to Click on "Manage" then "Audio Settings". From there, select "Audio Booster". A lot of the teachers I have worked with find setting the "Maximum Outgoing Music Bitrate to 128K and below that setting the Audio FrameSize to "2ms- experimental"
      I hope you find some of this helpful.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park

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