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Roland Duo-Capture
Hi, and welcome.
Could you please provide a little more information so that others can help and offer suggestions, such as your computer (PC or Mac, and the operating system version, including if it is 32-bit or 64-bit), the Roland software drivers you installed and are using and if they are working properly with any other audio programs such as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or recording program. In very simple terms, JamKazam "works" for distance-separated musicians by minimizing the time delay (called "latency") of communications end-to-end between those musicians, including the latency introduced from physical input (microphone, guitar cable) through the interface and through the computer to the network gear that connects to the Internet. Keep in mind that there are delays both in the input direction, as well as the output direction. Plus the delay across the Internet itself, which JamKazam cannot improve. For JamKazam to minimize those "local" delays on each end, it takes advantage of the variable settings of those specialized audio drivers of the interface, whereby the user chooses settings of minimal buffer sizes, which can be at the expense of audio quality, ultimately choosing a setting that is a compromise of the 2.
That's a long-winded explanation. Put simply, if you did not download and install any Roland specialized audio drivers with your interface but rather chose a "plug-&-play" approach, you may not be set up to take advantage of audio format and latency settings needed by JamKazam. That may be why JK is not recognizing it. For example, standard Windows audio doesn't really care about latency, and for backwards-compatibility reasons audio settings often default to old, poor performance legacy formats and drivers. This is usually not something to even consider if all you want to be able to do is listen to the audio of a YouTube video for example. But it matters a whole bunch when performance matters, like in JamKazam.
Hope this helps

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