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How many users are on Jamkazam nowadays?
JK has had an amazing impact on my musician$p.  As a trumpeter it is so valuable to play at least 1 hour a day (for life!) and on JK I am averaging about 4 hours a day.  I have improved beyond anything I have ever imagined.  I have also connected with all sorts of great people and find everyone very helpful and engaged in creating a great musical experience.  I'd love to know how many users there are as I am always telling fellow musicians about this platform.

In the last hour, about 200 sessions have started.
Admittedly, some sessions are listed twice - at least 100 sessions have at least started then.

If there is an average of 1.5 people in each session, then it is 150 people - in the last hour.
Of course, some people have probably started more than 1 session in the past hour, so ...
Who has the energy to count the actual number of people - for that hour, for a day or a week !?

Incidentally, this time of day is probably quite representative regarding the average number of people in sessions.

In this forum are about 5000 members.

More about the case is not immediately known to me. The rest is speculation and rumors
At first, there should be no reason to speculate - and / or count and count for days.

We should be able to count on JamKazam the company knowing the number and coming to the rescue by informing us all about that matter.

Hope is light green ...
One of the main Facebook groups also has about 2,800 members. Here or there, I suspect many people join and then either get distracted or aren't willing to stick with it long enough to get the technical aspects worked out.
There must be many more people setting up their own JK sessions who aren't using either the open jams or scheduled sessions shown in the app itself.
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
Yes, many join - and give up due to the relatively complicated technical difficulties.

All sessions (current and ended) without exception are shown in "VIEW THE FEED". As far as I know.
So it is only a practical problem to count the number of users. Hm!

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