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Does messaging work?
I have tried messaging a couple of Jamkazam members that indicate in their profile they are interested in a virtual band.  I have received no response ...so either they did not get the message via email, it hit their spam folder, they do not respond to messages like this ....or messaging doesn't work.  Has anyone had success with messaging via Jamkazam?
It works. No problem sending and receiving. Your suspicions about why you have not received a response are realistic. Personally, I don't acknowledge messages directly from my email. I manage all messages from inside the app only, from Notifications. And, that's a funny window pane because if you were to receive a message while connected, a pop window appears and dismisses pretty quickly. It files to the Notifications pane. Also, as much as there is a social networking aspect to JK, I am reluctant to accept all the friends requests I receive and messages to reply to. I'm concerned I may owe them money (lol, kidding). I think what you are doing by scouting possible virtual band participants is right on, and hopefully someone will respond. If not, of course do not take it personally. I haven't checked but not sure if you can see "last time online", to make sense for whether they are abandoned accounts, or just picky players - lol. You're not alone
Thanks ...yes there is a history tab on a musician's profile ....so you can see when a person was conducting or participating in a session. But that does not tell when they were possibly on and just checking for messages etc.. I will try the notification option ....that is done by sending a request? That is the only thing I found.

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