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Awful sound
I loaded the latest updates and started a session with my online music partner. video was jerky, and the sound was like being in a tin can and the volume was low. We both restarted or computers and routers after quitting JK, and got back in a session with the same result with the tin can sound and jerky video. We both have new Macs that have always been reliable with JK. What's the problem? Huh

I have used JK for 3.5 months now and have had mostly success. However I have recently developed a "hiss" in what others are receiving from my audio. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I have recently started using a new SE condenser mic and have replaced the XLR cable with a new Mogami gold connector cable. I am wondering if some of the many "updates" could have inadvertently changed the settings or maybe something I have done.
If anyone has any suggestions please respond.
Thank you
just installed new Focusrite scarlett solo gen 3. awful sound no matter how i set the gain on the inst input, in the jk mixer and volume on my guitar i either get horrible distorted sound, or i have to turn them all so low to get rid of distortion and clipping that i cant hear the guitar.  already ordered a Behringer to see if i have any better luck.
I wonder if these two issues are related...


By chance, how is audio passing to your DAW?

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