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Barton String Quartet Video on the JK Site
I am very curious to understand EXACTLY how the video of the Barton Strings (the one on the demo video on the JK site) was done.  It appears to be 4K video, flawless sound, zero latency.  Exactly what we are trying to do out here.

It appears that all four are using the exact same set up.  Is that an absolute minimum requirement for this to work?  And, they are using Mac Books--MAC IOS. I have had MUCH better results in Mac IOS; I'm about ready to completely give up on Windows 10.

When I record myself with video, the recording comes out with low volume and lots of distortion (background hissing, etc.).  I have had this same result when I have done test recordings with three of of my colleagues, each in two-person sessions.  When I record without video, recording has more sound presence and no distortion.

My set up is the following:

iMac mid-2017, 32 GB memory, Dual Core Intel i5 processor.
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 3rd Gen Studio (the bundle with mic and headphones).
Solo Session Stats:  Latency 11.5 ms (yellow).  Input Jitter (.51 ms), Output Jitter (.44 ms), Gear Driver (Core Audio). and Frame Size (2.5 ms)--all of these are green.
I am running the newest JK update from a few days ago.  

I have also used the Blue Yeti with the iMac and have similar stats and exactly the same recording issues.  

FYI--Blue Yeti does not work in Windows 10 on JK--stats are off the charts in the red at all time, no matter what.

If JK is broadcasting live performances over YouTube/Facebook--as it appears they are--most of us simply do not have all of the info we need to get this dialed in.

One of the local orchestras with which I perform would LOVE to have us do live performances, including video, from small chamber groups drawn from the orchestra.  Can anyone step up with enough information in one place to help me get this done?  Is there any hope that the next update announced in the email from a week ago will do anything to resolve this?

Thank you!

Mike Bernard
I don't think uniform hardware is required. The software has evolved considerably since the 2014 Barton Strings video. To reduce the workload on performers' computers, there is now a broadcaster role just to combine the streams and uplink them to YouTube. That's how the May 30 and June 19 festival events were done. This tutorial video explains the new procedure.
Thank you for your input, Mike. I understand the new broadcast function. That's what makes the question so interesting, I hope. The recording quality of the Barton video was amazing, considering the state of the tech at the time. Does anyone out there know how they accomplished it?


Mike Bernard
Is it this video?

That is in the resolution 1080p - it seems. Not 4K

I think they used regular videocameras (independent from the JamKazam system) - and mixed video and audio together, afterwards

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