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Song Collaboration
Hi Everyone!
I'm brand new here and really have no clue what this sites about but I'm always into learning new stuff...

What brought me here was, I was trying to find out how to find a way to get some collaboration on a Christian tune I wrote.

I'm not much of a musician really, but I think it's a pretty cool tune and I just really have no clue what to do with it next....

I recorded it in Ableton, which I also just learned a little bit about, and I converted it into an mp3. If anyone would like to check it out I'd be more than happy to send it to them. If for nothing else but an opinion from other musicians that would be awesome.

For all I know I'm in a totally wrong place for something like this, but figured it wouldn't hurt to toss it out there and see what happens!

Thanks everyone!

Have a great day!

Never stop learning Smile
Yes, you are right.

It has nothing special to do with JamKazam.

Never stop learning Smile

I have as such nothing against whatever, so to speak. There is nothing wrong with your project - it is in fact good.

For me it is only a matter of priority, effort, space, etc.
There are limits to what we can treat here in the JamKazam-cabin.
Thanks for the response Hans!

Didn't hurt to ask, take care!
Thanks, beauknowsdiddly!

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