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Best way to play backing tracks
Hi you guys.

1. i agree.. thinking more about it, i think my reply can be a separate post. But with respect to what Hans Peter is saying too, i realize it can be tiring to provide repeated replies to the same question. (i may delete my post when I create a new separate one)

2. Hans Peter, if i have time, i will create a document for the Help section about Session Mixing or, see what there is and if we decide it can be updated and posted as a Sticky. I reviewed the other thread and beginning to understand what you are saying. I think we need to agree on it before it is posted. And, you have a lot of great knowledge it will be good for you to have a break so you can just refer to the same post without repeating yourself over and over. Maybe we can consolidate existing posts to create a good document.

3. With regard to Reply. The more i use the forum, I use the New Reply button instead of the quick reply. This way, it doesn't included everything that is already stated in the thread. I personally find this annoying and other forums I am a member of don't include the entire thread, but you can specify your own quote.

Thanks, and let me know if have any other advise or suggestion for me.


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