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Best way to play backing tracks
(06-19-2020, 01:51 PM)GDJ Wrote: Good discussion!

Let me know if you think my response is more appropriate for a separate post.

I too have been fighting the volume mix issue. It seems to me it would be nice to have JK implement a limiter function in the session to prevent someone else’s signal to drown everyone else out. For instance, the session will limit at +0db. And yes, I am aware of the compression settings in the mixer, but this is not the same as limiting.

 The Mixer and the ability to manage your own volume is helpful but in reality, it would be nice to also have a slider option to lower down all other users together as a grouped mix – excluding yourself. This is because typically, the more people there are, the louder the mix becomes. It is true you can control everyone else’s volume one at a time or in the mixer settings, but this is timely and your hands are on sliders and not your instrument.

Currently you can increase or lower your own mix but I do not want to make myself louder because getting louder is not the answer. I have already verified and tested my inputs are strong signals and making myself louder will cause distortion.

 Bit Rate settings. I also prefer to have the Audio Booster at 128kbs, and 1 or 2ms frame rate. This is in agreement with my musical partners I get together with weekly. We have noticed it helps a little with the latency. But the trade-off is quality of sound. This too me is acceptable. It’s not that bad. Switching it to 320, I can hear the difference. I find it’s good to understand the difference so I can make a choie about it.

 With my musical peers we struggle with the Mix, asking each other, “can you hear me ?”. They may respond we can’t hear your guitar that good!. And yet, my guitar has a good strong signal in peaking the 1st red signal indicator. In other words, I can hear myself more than others can sometimes. I do find the new recent feature to reset the audio volume is helpful.

My objective at this point is to figure out what is needed for someone else to hear me as good as I hear myself. And, vice versa. Beyond the normal mix volume control settings for each other’s track.

Also, what does this have to do with backing tracks? I host Groove Jam sessions once a week using DigiTech Trios. The Trios are programmed with beats, songs etc. Lots of fun for others to play along with. They serve as backing tracks in a dedicated JK stereo track. But, often someone can join our open session and their signal will be overwhelming. They are in the Red and drown everyone out. This is where a limiter could be handy preventing their signal from being to strong.

My setup.
I have all 8 inputs used, as stereo pairs = 4 JK Tracks
Voice (stereo voice processor)
Gtr L/R effects
Other = Roland GR-55 guitar synth (stereo)
Drums = 2 ea, Digitech Trios  (using ABY mixer)

Probably worth a new post, and include an overview of the advantages of Jamtracks.   Personally I see the addition of strangers to jams as fraught with risk.  Setting expectations is tough and once somebody doesn't work out, you risk hurt feelings.  If you already have one or two buddies who are known quantities, adding backing tracks can take care of the rest.
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface

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