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Best way to play backing tracks
(06-18-2020, 10:19 PM)carvinae185@gmail.com Wrote: By Pressing the record button in the row of buttons across the top of an actual session
Try clicking on ‘from an audio file’ in the “recorded Audio’ section of that screen ..... it supplies a dialog that allows you to upload a wav file.

Further to the above list from Hans Peter, there are advantages and disadvantages to all - you need to pick the compromise that best suits you.

1. Plugging in a player to separate tracks - basically means that you need a 4 channel Audio I/F .... 1 for your instrument, 1 for voice / chat and 2 for the backing track - set for left & right panned stereo. This has advantage that you can alter the track (depending on your player / kit) ... including slow down / change key, etc ... or loop around particular sections. ... also, the backing track gets included in the recording. Disadvantage is that the 'other jammers' cant disconnect the levels for the backing track from whatever you are playing.

2, 3 & 4 are similar

They ALL use the 'Recorded Audio' section in the 'session window' ... 'Recorded' would be a JK session that you already recorded, 'Audio File' allows you to upload a single .wav file to play and 'Jam Track' allows you to purchase a track from JK. You CAN record your session ... as long as you START the recording before starting the playback of the track.

The advantage is that each jammer can adjust the level that they hear separate to the level of the instruments (recorded Audio is a separate track to each jammer). The disadvantage is that the backing will not be in any 'recording' made in JK and you cant change the tempo, etc (without using a different file).

I only have a 2 channel Audio i/f - so have been using the 'Recorded Audio - Audio File' method very successfully. ... but can see some possibilities for the other approach

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