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All variations from 40 to 400 BPM of the metronome
Look here, maybe:

> https://www.jamkazam.com/corp/contact
I went back and tried it. I even watched the JK video on it. Very helpful, and gets into some good details


In concept, I get it..and If i understand the purpose of it, it can help mainly when recording. But, you still hear the off-set in latency between players. And, as Hans Peter says, it's good for learning.

I was in a session with a few players and when we tried it it was easy for things to fall apart because it takes a lot of practice and concentration to make sure you stay true to the Met. And, because you hear the latency off-set, playing can get more distracting. There should be a paid contest to see who can play to the Met the longest - lol
Yes, the metronome video is really good and informativ - in many ways.

And yes - lol: we must have a JamKazam Metronome Marathon Festival.
I inadvertently hit the wrong rating on this request, and would like to say that I would like to have this enhancement. As an amateur player working on very rhythmic music and learning to fight the effects of latency, we are very dependent on the metronome, and any enhancements to this tool would be appreciated.
Could not agree more. This is a very needed modification.

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