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Behringer Xenyx Q502USB

I am connecting to JamKazam with a Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer. I am able to connect and hear Jam Tracks. However when I set up a session, I can hear those that join the session, but I cannot hear myself, and they cannot hear me. I play an acoustic / upright bass and am connected to the mixer via the Mic port. My questions are:

1.   Does anyone know if the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer is compatible with JamKazam?
2.   If it is, does anyone know the magic settings to help make it work?
3.   If it is not, does anyone know a good / inexpensive mixer that is compatible that I can use.

Thanks for your help.

Steve (A Rookie JamKazammer)
check this out (from the user manual):

When the USB/2-TR TO MAIN switch is depressed, the USB/2-Track input is assigned to the main mix, providing an additional input for tape machines, computers, MIDI instruments or other signal sources that do not require any processing. The 2-Track Out/USB recording signal are muted to avoid feedback."

you need to be able to listen to the return audio from your computer. I think this switch is key to that

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