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Install / update client on Win10 trouble
OK friends, looking for some Windows insight here myself this time.

Trying to aid a colleague in the UK but we keep running into the same issue. 'Remnants' of an earlier installation blocking a fresh install.

He has a desktop/tower machine running W10 and had JKZ installed and - sort of - working back in march with v1.0.3698.
Since then an update went south and after a lot of trial and error he gave up on JKZ.

Now, trying to get back into the game he has de-installed the non-functioning client, scanned his system, both manually and with some tools, for remaining files (there were none), did a registry scan and clean and manually deleted the JKZ folders in the two(?) known locations under AppData. Rather thorough I would think.

However, trying to reinstall JamKazam from a freshly downloaded current .msi gives the puzzling error that the prior version (v1.0.3698) cannot be removed upon which the install hangs.(??!)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing to base this on but there was a problem with a windows 10 update. I can’t remember the KB number that got a lot of publicity with files going missing as they were ending up in a user that wasn’t immediately accessible. There was a fix. But it might explain why he cannot find the files as they might be on a user that he has no access to. The app data folder would be on a user. I can find out more if it is possible it’s relevant.

This was an example from earlier this year https://www.easeus.com/file-recovery/use...ws-10.html

May be a complete red herring
For the last 2 Windows client updates, I have had to uninstall both JamKazam AND my audio interface drivers (actually drivers for multiple audio devices), and run Regcleaner (you can Google it) to clean out all remnants to both from the Windows registry, reboot, and start with a fresh version of the driver, then JK. By the way, this doesn't completely wipe JK away, as user name, password, and other settings are preserved somewhere; in fact re-doing the audio setup seems like it "remembers" certain pieces of the previous configuration.
Hope this helps
How about a Windows 10 restore point?
From before March ...

That is, JamKazam's uninstall process is defective !?
Assuming the uninstallation happened as directed
As stated above, it's a Windows "feature" that showed up after an update


Windows "restore" feature can be your best friend here....

It can happen to Mac as well. Sunday was spent "in recovery" due to a botched attempt to update my OS

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