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Mac No Audio or Video. MacOS Security & Privacy settings. Good To Know.
(These steps also apply to the Camera settings, for Video)

Issue. When in a Session there is no sound. The Audio Interface shows a signal and the My Live Tracks LED signal indicators are not detecting any signal. The Audio Device settings are correct.

Later versions of MacOS include Privacy settings that control access to the Microphone in order to process audio. This is required for applications to receive audio from the interface source

When launching JamKazam for the first time you may encounter an alert option to allow JamKazam to access the microphone. Click Yes!.

If you clicked Later, you may not see the alert again and will need to enable the option in Security & Privacy setting:

System Preferences>Security & Privacy; Privacy Tab.  For the Microphone, make sure JamKazam is checked.

You will be prompted to quit and restart JamKazam for the change to take effect.  You may need to repeat this step to begin hearing Audio in the session.

Where should I hear Audio after enabling JamKazam in the Privacy Settings? Assuming your Audio Interface is setup correctly in the JamKazam audio device settings, the audio output will be routed from JamKazam back to your Interface main out. Commonly, the Headphone Jack. Unless you specified another monitoring output from your Audio Interface using its own application.

Video Settings (These same steps apply to the Camera settings, for Video) 
System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy. Select Camera. Select the tickbox next to an app to allow it to access your camera. Deselect the tickbox to turn off access for that app.



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