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I am using a Focusrite I/O and my ISP is Comcast Infinity, hard wired directly to the modem.  When I start a session, my latency is 42.6 ms before doing anything.  It is always this exact amount, so I think something isn't set up correctly.  When I run a speed test is usually shows about 21ms, with 200- 350 mbps download and 11 upload mbps.  Anyone have any suggestions.

start with your local system latency

begin a quick start solo session, then go to the Manage menu, Audio settings, Loopback Latency Testing (turn the volume down for this)

You should be under 12ms for this (some Focusrite boxes report zero; this is wrong. Lowest possible latency is 1ms).

I have been able to get my total latency (interface + computer + LAN + WAN) down to under 20ms MOST of the time *not always*
You use "Focusrite I/O" - and when you start a session, your latency is 42.6 ms ...

What, then, are those 42.6 ms? Is it audio interface latency alone?
Or is it maybe audio interface and internet latency combined?

> https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=171

"21ms, with 200- 350 mbps download and 11 upload mbps"!?

21ms should be alright. Not good, not really bad.

200- 350 mbps download and 11 upload mbps should be more than enough for most cases

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