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Audible clicks from Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen.
Hi, I've been trying to eliminate clicks on my system with Dell XPS13 i7 Windows 10 and Focusrite 8i6.

Using the LatencyMon tool definitely helped, along with always having the task manager visible to see which process coincided with clicks.

Biggest culprit was McAffee virus checker - real time scanning=> off, update checks => off and don't leave the UIF on display.
Found how to stop power management throttling back the CPUs, 
Stop the USBs powering down when not in use - this definitely helped!
Dell System update checking => off

Network drivers residual challenge, with ndis showing occasional long interrupt.

We are using JK for low latency sound, but combining with Jitsi for video of band and pumping into Zoom for gigs/church services.
A bit complicated but it all works, just about...

Good luck!

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