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Audible clicks from Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen.
Some things I did to improve latency using a Scarlett 8i6.

- Set a higher sample rate within Focusrite Control software.  I am using 96K
- Once you change your Focusrite sample rate you must redo the Audio Hardware in JK.  Delete your old one and setup again.  Push through the process.
- Begin a JK session for testing.  You can view your performance ratings.
- Unfortunately, manually changing the buffer size in ASIO settings doesn't work because JK resyncs and reverts to a default setting.  Therefore...
- Open the Audio Booster panel ..... (Manage, Audio Settings, Audio Booster).
- Notice that changing the Audio Frame Size changes the buffer.  I am using 1ms, the lowest setting which gives me a buffer of 96.

The process above gave me a latency reading of 4.6. 

- Scarlett 8I6 (Gen 3)
- Driver 4.65.5
- Firmware 1605
- Windows 10

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