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Audible clicks from Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen.
Thanks very much for this; I suspect it's packet related though and I'm not sure hw to address that. 'Frames rate' is a mystery to me and I haven't yet found the way to change it as some people have been recommending. I'll be attempting that again next time I fire up the program. Since I noticed CPU overload the first time I used JK, I now make a habit of quitting all other programs (Mail was using a lot of CPU power) and all my lights are green; CPU not working too hard at all, except for the latency which occasionally goes amber . My internet latency seems to be between 17 and 27 ms which may be a bit high. I'm also making sure to run off the mains (I think JK puts up a warning if you aren't).

Thanks again for advice; anything you can advise about 'packets' would be great as this is the area I am least confident or aware of.

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