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Audible clicks from Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen.
Clicks, pops & distortion (when NOT latency & packet rate related issues) are often caused by system (cpu/memory/architecture) over-load.

Even the fastest high-spec laptop will e.g. throttle down resources when not plugged into the mains and/or running at any power (-saving) scheme not tailored to performing at 'full everything' when trying to work with audio.

Example: Our band rehearsal last night was pestered by an annoying crackling every time our vocalist/gitarist made any sound at all. The rest of us were clear and sounding great. This had never happened before. Actually he is normally the one with the best latency and audio quality. Turned out he had forgotten his laptop power supply at the office leaving his high-spec machine running at not even half power and unable to cope with the demand.
(he was unable to make any changes to his energy settings himself - company restricted)

There are several sites on the interwebs with ample info on how to 'optimize your pc/mac for audio (recording)' which applies mostly to working with JKZ as well.

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