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Audible clicks from Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen.
(05-31-2020, 05:15 AM)Zlartibartfast Wrote: those anomalies in your waveform appear to be timing errors, suggesting to me a clocking problem with the 2i2.

I have a friend using a 2i2 2nd gen under Win10 and she's not having this problem.

I would try using the 2i2 to make a local system recording (Audacity is free, Mac and Win). If those errors are still there, then the interfaces may be defective.

Not here to bash Focusrite; I have 2 Saffire units that are great
Thanks for the suggestion! Our bass actually made a recording with JamKazam in a solo session, and didn't hear any clicks in the recording. Maybe the extra load of 3 additional audio streams caused the problem. Anyway, I'll see if I can get one of the other guys to try a recording with Audacity. (I have a different interface, so I can't test this myself.)

(05-31-2020, 12:45 PM)StuartR Wrote:
(05-28-2020, 04:12 PM)mhholmes Wrote: I'm in a vocal quartet, and we just purchased 3 Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen. interfaces (I already have a Presonus FP10 that I'm using). We had our first rehearsal using the new interfaces last night, and we heard audible clicks. We recorded one song, and today I brought the 4 tracks into Logic Pro to see what's going on. All 3 of the Focusrite tracks have the clicks, which occur at different times from each other. There are no clicks in my track from the PreSonus. I'm attaching a screenshot of a stretch of waveform from one of the tracks that shows 2 glitches that you can easily see.

Two of the guys are running Windows 10 and the other is running MacOS (Catalina I think), so it's not an OS thing. We believe that we've got all 4 interfaces set for 44.1k sample rate. Any ideas about what might be causing this?

I know some people are using the 2i2 successfully with JK, so I'm hoping this is a setup issue that we can easily resolve. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Are you not able to adjust the buffer size with the ASIO driver for this interface?

Also, in Windows, you'll probably need to make some performance adjustments to allow Windows to prioritize real-time audio transmission.

Start by downloading and running LatencyMon and let's see what it reports.

Thanks for this suggestion! I'll see if I can get one of the guys who runs Windows to try LatencyMon.exe.

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