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Bug Report - Unable to dismiss Configure Tracks Window. Requires Force Quit
From the Session>Audio Settings gear icon, the Configure Tracks window opens. At this stage, regardless of what action is taken in the window, it will not Dismiss/Close. The only way to get back to the Session is to Force Quit the App, Relaunch, and go back into the session.

Note: I realize my example is showing, no inputs specified, but this also happens when I have my Audio Device setup.

If I click Cancel I'm back from where I came. Seems to work for me.
(05-28-2020, 05:39 PM)Doug N. Wrote: If I click Cancel I'm back from where I came. Seems to work for me.

I will do some more testing, but i tried cancel, and even Esc. thanks for letting me know.

You on a Mac?
Update..apparently this happens if you currently are NOT connected to the Audio Device. One could argue, why even launch a session if you don't have a Audio Device connected and On. In my case, i was testing with soft audio drivers like SoundFlower. Used for software routing audio apps. Something some JK users are doing by putting their DAW in front of JK and using SoundFlower to route the audio to JK.

Perhaps the ultimate fix is, even if a user can make it to this window without a hardward AI, it should be more graceful and allow them toe Cancel out.

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