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How to find an old recording? Sort function is missing in profile / history
All server mixes of recordings can be shared on the world wide web.

Each server mix has a web link that can be copied and used. On Facebook and so on.

But how to find five year old recordings and the weblinks to it? For example - or two years old, for that matter.

You can go to your profile / history and dive into the list (profile / history contains a list (with web links) of all one's sessions and recordings).

However, it will take 2-5 hours to go back five years and find the wanted recordings if you have to scroll down past 500 or 1000 sessions.

Go back 4 months can maybe then take at least 20 minutes.

That is, a sort function is missing in profile / history.

VIEW THE FEED in "create session" has a sort function - Show "Recordings", but this function is not found in profile / history.

One can also copy and save the web link at the time each recording is done.

But it doesn't help anything backwards, of course

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