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Make session invitation stay on screen longer
Is there a setting so that session invitations will stay on your screen longer ?
Theyd disappear after about four seconds and if I'm looking in a different direction I just miss it
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
Good proposal!

For now - look in "notifications". There all kinds of messages appear - also invites

On the other hand: getting notifications while in session can be annoying because they prevent certain actions while they are on the screen.

In such cases, I want them there where pepper grows. Or disappear as soon as possible.

It's probably an insoluble knot - lol
Perhaps it could stay on the screen for 15 seconds or if no session has been established yet, leave it on the screen until someone either responds to the notification or the first one-on-one session is established
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
I very much agree with this. Maybe my reactions are a bit slow but, by the time I've spotted the notification, read it, got my finger on the trackpad, moved the pointer across the screen, and clicked on it, the notification has long gone!
I support the idea for a longer dismiss timout, but I have been thinking it would be nice to get ride of the pop-up notifications. They can be intrusive and startling since they pop-up in the middle of the session window. While it may not be necessary to be watching the session window while playing music it can be a habit, and, when making a change it can be distracting to have a pop up for an invite, friend request, or whether someone is joining of leaving a session. I do not need to know all of this information. in the form of a pop up. But, this is just my opinion.

Along the lines for what Hans Peter is suggesting, i prefer the Notifications pane. And, maybe they should have a filter in the pane to see Invites vs. Friend Request Vs. Join/Leave

Goto [find session] - top middle orange square in the main screen.

When you're invited for something it is right there under the 'For Me' tab. (utmost left)

-> click 'join' ...

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