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I'm a comp sci major, but have NO idea what this network error means:

'Independent Mapping, Independent Filter, random port, hairpin'

Searching this forum for hairpin returns nothing.

I did read whatever help I could find.  I have comcast internet, and I can access the router settings, just have no idea where the hairpin setting is, LOL.

Thanks in advance

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I am having the same issue on Windows and on Mac. Also my brother is trying it in another location, different ISP, different router, and is still having the same errors. I have set up port forwarding and everything.
I'm not coder, but I was a Cisco admin in my previous life - here's my best guess -

Network Address Translation

somewhere in this forum is a description of how Carrier NAT can cause your connection to fail. let me find it....

here it is:

So the issue might be that the IP you are getting from your ISP is not really a public IP

some more information, might clarify what the error actually means:


And, in closing, please review this thread for additional information:

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