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List of Audio Interfaces
Saw M-Audio M-Track 2 2 above working on Windows, I have it working well on Mac 10.14.5
Working fine for me with an older M-Audio AudioPhile 24/96 PCIe card in a Windows 7 64-bit box. About 4 ms audio system latency using ASIO.
Joern, you’re welcome! Hope it helps. Thank you for the information - I’ve updated the TASCAM US-1641 to be in the “confirmed working” section.

Thanks, Rob Adams! I’ve added the macOS 10.14.5 to the M-Track.

Seiseuneer, thanks for the info! I’ve updated the list with that M-Audio interface.
I use an UR44 and it basically works on Windows 10/64 bit but it shows up with a WDM driver only, not with Steinbergs low latency ASIO Driver. So JK is measuring a much to high latency of 20 msec instead the expected 5 msec for input and 4 msec for output.

But I just noticed that Steinberg has released a new driver 2 weeks ago. I will check tomorrow and come back if new driver is detected by JK and provides better latency.
Hi guys,

this morning I updated to the latest Steinberg ur44 ASIO driver and just for the shake of completeness I also rebootet Windows after driver update has finished.

The new driver now provides lower buffer sizes of down to 32 samples resulting in 2.41 msec for Input and 2.39 for output which is pretty good.

Then I started JK which also did an update of itself. Then I added the UR44 once again and now the new Steinberg ASIO driver was present for input and output selection. And furthermore I was able to choose between the six inputs and the four outputs and not just stereo line in and out. Resync now measures a latency of 4.81 msec which is pretty good I think.

And finally I measured the total round trip delay (audio interface input, transmission delay to server, mixing delay on server, transmission delay from server back to me and audio interface output delay) and got a fantastic, incredible and hard to believe 8 milliseconds.

So this is better than I ever expected and I highly recommend using this UR44 within jamkazam.
Might as well add the JamBlaster to the "confirmed not working" list. Support for that has been withdrawn.
(04-05-2020, 10:08 AM)bezel Wrote: Focusrite 2i2 3rd working on Mac
Some troubles wit Windows. But maybe a general Problem with the Client and Internetconnection (unitymedia).

Focusrite 2i4 1st working on Mac. Also on Windows 10.

Uphoria UMC 204 wil be tested on Mac and Windows 10.
We also need information on the amount of internal latency reported by JamKazam for your interface so we can include that in the Interface Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...4Ap5wibQI/edit?usp=sharing.  Please post it here!

Today's update means JamKazam no longer works for me with my UA Apollo Twin Duo. (MAC)
Thanks, for the info, MarkSlowhand - I’ve added the UR44 to the list in the “confirmed working” category.

Thanks for the info, GuyWithDogs - I’ve added the JamBlaster to the “confirmed not working” category.

Hornstar, thanks for the infomation, and I’ve added this information to the UA Apollo Twin Duo. I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope it’s able to work again soon! Actually, I just opened JamKazam on my Mac, and there’s another new version (Build 1.2.0 - “1.0.3669”). Maybe this new version will allow your interface to work again.

Tony, thank you for the note to include latency with the info!
I cannot seem to get UMC404HD to work here. It works fine on Cubase but Jamkazam does not see the ASIO driver. If i use ASIO4all it can see/use channels 1/2 but thats not okay for me. My tascam 1641 works fie but the latency is too high. I bought this interface because it was on the working device list but it does not work. I have updated all the drivers and restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled but to no avail. 

Any help would be great.

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