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A Guide to Online Sessions Using JamKazam
For those of you interested in learning about and considering using JamKazam for real time online Irish sessions, here's a link to a comprehensive setup guide on which I've been one of the (minor) collaborators:

Wow, Wow, Wow! This is a great article - should be bookmarked by every JamKazam user, past present and future... thanks! You can add the RME MadiFace Pro as working with JamKazam too.
Thank you for this document!
That is a brilliant piece of work so useful Smile
In connection to: "There is no iPhone, iPad, or Android version. You have to use a laptop, Mac or Windows PC"

There is for the moment no version for Linux.

But that will come in some months, it was annonced a week ago or so. To begin with without the video function.

Maybe you can include that info.

Very interesting document - thank you!

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