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Tascam US-1200
I managed to get this unit working. There's a lot to be said about setting up the proper Sample Rate and Width. I managed to get things going with 44.1k / 24b. I would like my audio equipment latency a little lower. I was getting 9ms with 16 bit but I can't seem to get that sync'd up. It would be easier to tweak the settings if the Configure action in audio profiles would allow editing beyond channel selection. It appears that, once you select your Rate, Width, Frames and Buffers, you are stuck with them unless you delete the configuration and start a new one. That can be cumbersome. Is there an easier way?

The trouble I'm having now is that my USB interface (Tascam US-1200) keeps losing connection with the PC. I changed to a cable with a ferrite ring. That helped a lot but I still get an occasional drop. It's plugged into a hub with a power supply but I may be better off on a direct USB port. I'll play with that a little more.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
Hi Jon. I have a US-800, and I don't have a losing connection problem, although I do have it directly connected, not thru a hub. I have not had to fiddle with interface settings (other than having to reset the latency to lowest every time I boot up-frustrating. There must be a setting in the .ini file...); and I've never really adjusted the JamKazam settings, although maybe I should. Things seem to work ok with about 8ms interface latency on a wired connection. The main reason I have not is that this particular machine is not my primary JamKazam PC, but I do have a second account on there for private troubleshooting and testing. Not much help, I know, but wanted to share experiences...

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