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How to connect live drums int JK?
Greetings. I need some adult supervision, please.

I wish to collaborate with others on JK with a live drum kit. I have everything close mic’d 
with 11 channels running into Presonus FireWire.  I’m using Logic Pro 10.5 on a Mac.-_

My levels are set and I can get a great drum sound recording into logic.   However, I am not clear how to set up JK such that it receives this.    When I get to the set up page, it seems to offer the option of setting up two channels. How do I merge my 11 channels from logic into something that’s acceptable to JK and that will match the output that I would normally get from logic in a bounced file?

Please advise.



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How to connect live drums int JK? - by Riddim1 - 05-19-2020, 03:12 AM

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