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Jamkazam over a LAN
(05-20-2020, 07:22 PM)Zlartibartfast Wrote: so in your IntraLAN setup, what was the server?

BTW If I were setting up a LAN for music, I would probably go with AVB compatible hardware, where QoS prioritizes the audio stream, and every node is a peer. Latency would be in the single digits all the time.

I cannot answer the question just yet. There is no option to setup a JK Server. My understanding is JK is peer to peer. However I realize the App needs internet access to call home and negotiate everything and everybody for the session. And there is no GUI setting to specify a server or other client, as I saw in the previous version (back in March), there was the option to Pair. There is another App, Jamulus, that allows me to run my own server and specify either the WAN or LAN which has been an interesting experiment to hear the latency with your own network, when you are hitting your own WAN. When using the loopback address any latency is inaudible.

The Audio Video Bridge you mention is good input. Normally, for my in person jam sessions everyone is connected to a Mixer. It will be interesting to see the performance over LAN with the current router hardware with port forwarding to prioritize the request; and I agree with the thinking the latency would be minimal and tolerable. It's only for 3 musicians.

I hope to learn more this weekend when I setup testing over the LAN.

Thanks for your reply and input.

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