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Jamkazam over a LAN
 Can JK be configured to work over a LAN?
In a separate post I had a question about the paring feature and was told it pertained to the JamBlaster. I see the pairing option is now removed. Some of the initial testing I did weeks ago, I discovered I could pair 2 clients by IP to the same session from two separate Macs and JK accounts inside my LAN. Bypassing the internet.
You may be asking, what would be the purpose. For some rehearsals at the same locations, social distancing needs to be respected. Everyone cannot be in the same room therefore the players are in different areas/rooms. And, there is no easy mixer solution to run long cable runs to a mixing board which we would normally do if we’re in the same room. The location is wired for Ethernet. I'm thinking it would be good if we could use JK, everyone could join the session over the LAN. Latency should be ideal since it's handled via the router.

There is another app i have explored (Jamulus), which allows you to run your own servers and specifically internal LAN IPs.



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