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Using Powerline adapters
As I can't get within 100 feet of my router, I've been using D-Link AV2000 powerline adapters, which provide bandwidth of up to 2 Gbps. These have worked for me before with fantastic results, but tonight I went to join a jam session and I got messages that nobody could receive packets from me (I'm not really sure what that means), and it suggested that I run the Network Test. When I did, the test seemed to think that I was using a WiFi connection. I ignored it, ran the test anyway, and then it timed out.

Has anyone else used powerline adapters? What is your impression of them for use with JamKazam? Do you think this would have anything to do with the network test timing out?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Bob Earle

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Using Powerline adapters - by rwjearle - 05-11-2020, 12:13 AM
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