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Can't seem to connect my edrum kit to JamKazam
(05-03-2020, 02:04 AM)Ron van der Veen Wrote: I have a Roland drum kit and a Surface computer. I have literally spent 10 hours trying to connect to Jam Kazam.  I am running my e kit directly into the surface.  I've tried with a normal jack, and with UBS cord.  I have tried everything.  I am connected to ethernet.  I have tried recording about 10 times and not hearing anything.  I have tried connecting to jam sessions.  I can manipulate the metronome, but can't get my kit to make a sound. 

I've checked all my chords.  stumped, and really frustrated. 

Hi Ron, although the preferred way would be through an external audio interface/sound card, it should be possible to set this up like you are trying. To make it 'sound' at least.
Did you configure your Audio Gear (internal soundcard in your case) in the JamKazam setup? Could you hear the 'bell/ping' when doing the setup? Could you hear your own sound, per the laptop microphone in your headphones when doing a 'solo session'? Are you going from your module with USB or AUX cable?
Not sure what you mean by 'recording' but forget about that, that's just a little bonus when things do work correctly and not the main focus of the platform.

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